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The Loving Inner Self wants all parts of you to be happy and at peace with each other

The question therefore is not why am I overthinking but rather: which part of me is overthinking...and why?

From time to time, a nagging feeling to think comes over you and you cannot help but run with it, analyse, investigate, explore scenarios - best, neutral, worst... and on it goes. 

A moment of reflection

You ask questions of yourself and others.

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming you feel like you are going mad, being tormented by your very own brain.

You might feel like a burden because here you are, yet again, asking for support from others, with what feels like "non-existent", "invented" problem that only you can see.

As your support network is likely to engage you and contribute to your internal soothing by talking to you, telling you everything is okay, reassuring you, perhaps going through scenarios with you, you notice that there is SOMETHING that works and calms down your overthinking and that something is being soothed by others.

This may even begin to create tensions within your relationships as your emotional independence is being taken away by your dependence on others for emotional and moral support.

Whilst our friends and family are a good source of reassurance and stability in our life, they cannot be the roots that withstand our own inner mental storm. 

The journey ahead, starts with your loving self whispering gently "I don't want to feel like this anymore", it's the voice behind the thinking mind, and it's the voice of reason that is trying to breakthrough your mental fog...

I think therfore I am
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